• Crunchips Roasted


    Hot stuff!

    Experience the new Crunchips Roasted Chili & Grilled Cheese.

  • NicNac's Hot

    Nic Nac's

    Discover how HOT the new ones are!

    Fancy a new take on the Double-Crunch? Things are hotting up with the new NicNac’s Hot.

  • HofChips


    New flavour Butter & Salt!

    Try our tasty brand new flavour of HofChips: hearty, delicately salted and rounded off with a tender hint of butter.

  • Chipsletten


    Discover now!

    Experience new snack moments with our new Chipsletten flavours. "Hot Paprika" - spicy and hot; and "Brazilian Style" with fruity-spicy flavour.

  • Crunchips Limited Edition Little Italy

    Crunchips Little Italy


    Experience the new Crunchips Limited Edition, with typical italian Bruschetta-taste. For a limited time only – so avanti!