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Where there is Crunchips, there is party!

Good friends and our Crunchips - put the two together and it‘s a party! Thin cut slices of potato, baked crisp in sunflower oil and deliciously seasoned. Take along another bag just in case!

Klecks mit Chips
  • Paprika
    Crunchips Paprika
  • Western Style
    Crunchips Western Style
  • Cheese & Onion
    Crunchips Cheese & Onion
  • Salted
    Crunchips Salted
  • African Style
    Crunchips African Style
  • Sprechblase
  • Honig & Senf
    Crunchips Honig & Senf
  • Hot Paprika
    Crunchips Hot Paprika
  • Limited Edition Pulled Pork Burger
    Lorenz Crunchips Limited Edition Pulled Pork Burger
  • Smiley